“Everything in life is art.  What you do.  How you dress, how you love someone, and how you talk.  Your smile and your personality.  What you believe in, and all of your dreams.  The way you drink your tea.  The way you mix your martini.   How you decorate your home.  Or party.  Your grocery list.  The food you make.  The food you order.  How your writing looks.  The way you style your hair.  The glasses you serve wine in.  The music you listen to.  The music you make.  The friendships you make.  The choices you make.  The way you laugh, the way you feel.  Life is art”



In June 2013 Leggy Bird Designs moved their Architectural and Interior design studio to a larger space upstairs and opened up a multi functional space in the back of the store. The newly remodeled area is called the Leggy Library  and will be used to implement our wellness and self happiness activities. We call this new branch of our company Leggy Life. We created Leggy Life to share our beliefs on a happy environment, health and fitness, and creative outlet for do it yourself activities. The Library will host yoga classes each week, painting workshops, guest speakers and workshops and other activities that will be scheduled (to see the schedule check out the events page). Yoga is also available for individual and private sessions or parties. The Library can be reserved for private parties and events of your own. To inquire about the Leggy Library contact Sam Doughty at sam@leggybirddesigns.com. 



Workshops and events held in the Leggy Library:


Leggy Life Yoga Introduction


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Early registration is required*

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